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Celebrating life, one bite at a time

Sliced Babka
My name is Jennifer Padfield and Second Oven Bakery brings my passion for homemade baked goods to South Florida.
Why Baked Goods?

Growing up in New Jersey, I baked with my mom, who’s desserts were always loved by family and neighbors, and who kept her recipes under Fort Knox level security (even I don’t know some of the recipes and I’m her daughter!). Her passion for baking has been passed down to

me and it always brings me happiness to bake quality desserts for others.


Why the name, Second Oven Bakery? 

For 10 years, moving between two countries and four houses, I wanted to upgrade my home kitchen to add a second oven to allow me to create more delicious goods for gatherings and events. I would remind my husband of this every time we moved. As soon as I decided to start this business, my husband looked at me and said “well, it’s obvious what you have to

call your business…SECOND OVEN!” 


When you order from Second Oven, whether it’s a single cookie to a large order of chocolate mousse, I want you feel comfort and eager anticipation for what you order, like you’re a kid again sitting at the kitchen counter watching that first tray of warm cookies come out of the oven. 


Thank you for visiting my website! I'm thrilled you stopped by and can't wait to bake something delicious for you soon.


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